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tv   Fox 8 News in the Morning  FOX  February 18, 2016 6:00am-8:00am EST

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usual life what to do with all that.w they're shaping it from family members for a reason. welcome to fox 8 news in the my name is kristi capel. at the saint jude phone bank and the funds of the opening j right now it's three, two, one. hopefully the start ringing this as our goes through saint jude dream home giveaway valued at over $500,000al in addition toio paying the tickets are $100r you'll need a credit card to do
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car for nick abraham automall. you can get this information a bright take on my as many tickets available online because this is the people find we sold out in an hour and a half as she was with 18,000 ticket a for helping out from all the different businesses and sponsors people are part of saint jude inerer with all that help
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will be able to make sure that happenedrda we're very excited about it. hop on that there's only been with the preface is abouty this.i and 45 minutes the funds take a little bit process if you get in on the web that's the way to do ittt that's available to you as well were sandals from slide up right away.e very exciting was see you at here. clear sky to the east the temperatures have dropped to has a look at the minute temperature at eight mostly cloudy and barberton 16th a few of the
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have droppeder shine saw 14 and solonan at. we've had somet. locations out in geauga county that a slightly below zero kind of a good signgo that the sky conditions have clearedy out that five you have that range in temperatures at least it's not windye we are in sky fox traveling along the e shore way as they had to i to 71 so far so good had an earlier accident that has been cleared awayli of waking continue that way for thea rest of your morning commute. wayne and kristi back to i've been story this morningc it
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that family as you can imagine stacy fry is lifen that was just before nine the clock she wasn't signed into just after 1:00 this morning through the eventuallyev found the front of missouri in cleveland up about a mile away fromm mi where she was fussing ini place finishes in condition brought here to mercy medical center to get out. she seemed a little bit out of it like she was able she wanted
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shoes withck on the hundreds of people inches lane right there in the snowhe with confirm for hours is pretty called heavy coat on that by then seen enough about ten minutes the specific controversy this court has
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look forward to continuing to work f with the students and the community to give our kids the best education that they deserveu more than two dozen teachers signed ach resolution seeking an investigation accusing. have changing her grades to artificially inflate studente performance many parents spoke up in support of the
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ohio attorney is in police custody she debt in november of 2014. i went officers when they tried to take it for months length of evaluation family crimes theyim denver and her family splinter to the downd tim mcginty asked to want to take over that case to avoid any conflicts of interest
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offer i for 80ic the company is not focusing on new stories and columns in the summerng 2014 what isat this month's services that fell from the skype it's not what you might think cap first therapist is to see a quick top
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it's todd mea welcome back to the phone bank realize talking with the saint jude dream home giveaway.
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most of those are on the monthma in addition to the ones that are coming in. seasonal snow numbers at hopkins undefeated for your single obviously the numbers were much less. some very thin winnersbe currently
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climb up close to 50 if not at i the seventh and eighth afternoon police the big question looking ahead over the next week will be putting out we see somewhat snowek similar to the one we had a few days agor will take a look at a couple things here not much. we are starting to clear up with
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ingredientsvy the position of the warm front almost 50 in kansas city theas warmth is going to start to lift north and temperatures go backuprt quick shower there's the warm front right there for the most part it will be a relatively unannounced warmat front until the afternoon and we feel the warmth breaksbr insentient highs will be well above 50 region right we can't rulet out a quick shower but we shouldn't have any major issues most of that moistureou the
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people are is you are in sky fox on for 22 headed past route 91 into this solon area and so far no good whatsoevers fire them is starting to build a little bitem every what moving along well we don't haveon any accidents been reported. still looking good as we approachs the in about bridge as commute into townid will keep you
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studio.l sk meanwhile some republicans pledge the polls on saturday they put donald trump out in fronts they are locked in tight for a tight race in second. apple says they can not currently do that more council in the hospital says that peter griffin after infiltrators a --rs the prostitute pay the $17,000 since it was the services mosto
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computer system it with.e a big coins that users can pay without a big t patient care was not affected inpatient data was not compromised that's theth street messed up in michigan people want to know what's fallingw out of the sky. take a look at the spot black substance that showed up spotted on cars and homes and every member neighborhood is not droppingsig and its and ashland substance than oily consistency pit is the air national guard base near pipe they say it to come from them. investigators are running eighteen minutes after 6:00 a.m. stay with us (-left-parenthesis traffic update just ahead todd meany keeping tabs on the phone because the phone lines arene open. >> good at morning.rn they are bringing of the hook. if the state to cheer pumpkin with it were almost halfway through the tickets that we have for the giveaway and it'sg -- here's the number to call.l
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lighting up.p. >> thank you. today school school is charleses dickens elementary. wase see what makes them so
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to clear out to the east. that's were temperatures are really job listed 21 is the snow and the temperatures now seasonal snow for lasher well above that.teea well into the lower middle 50s.s. generally in the teams we
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the south hampton milder 17 and elyria the forecast as are looking at some of the local temperatures continues to highlight a huge range this afternoon forecast ur the light south easement the warm front where is that this. to vote in the middle of the
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cityty the best chance of a rain showerch the push of colder airco next week that we don't want too harp on to much time to make it is still all lot of winter estimate you know we aree trending causes next week were
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arctic air that's just the way you go if you have one of those fancy ate i guarantee they'll be
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have one vehicle up on a flatbed. they have been otherscl towed vehicle highly still moving along well will keep you updatedgh all morning long achieve goes missing in the bitter cold snow. with more on the effort that found that little girl.e there were just dozens and dozens of people are looking for
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lorraine about a mile from where she was fussing in the 2,000 block ofh randall street the search for her wasn't as you can imaginene lorraine police say thatsa she was in good condition her momgo says she is stable at rain but she was taken here to mercy we talked to the man who found this little graphiced are seen her stay green of falling in this she looks which is going to be just fine are then transferred
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hospitald her mom says she'ssh stable and obviously. relief to be reunited with her family. the last check we had sold over 10,000 tickets onlinech let's seet' where we are at now we've been able to combine some of those phone totalss still a chance for you to get in. our goal is 18,880 as retardet
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available welcome back again. we talk about the heart of that you guys have. it's nice.abof a lot of people on their. cold weather in cleveland. roy some parts of i find part of thee definitely. it is fantastic. wonderful peoplee it's amazing if anybody has an opportunity to visit theiran they don't need to visit theirn it's amazing how they care for the individualsw that have to be tashfeen malik. great, great people third youop can tell the kids are being treated well.
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some of the folks there you get this sense is that they are coming home when they come in their registered in and make feel like they're coming into a home environment it's a fantastic placece hazards weh appreciate it. we just want to give you an we hope to sell out very thin margin wehi didn't by 73090 we maywe do by 7:00 today. use your credit card think over online if you don't want a coldld there you can call this is the phone bank here that's handling calls for us you hear the phones as soon as somebody some up there picking them up.r they are ready to go through the saint jude dream home giveaway
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$500,000 dream home. the car from nike abraham automall. it's an exciting day the bottom line is you are helping kids it takes $29 a day tot operate that. it's what we are able to do we raise ninth of dollars so far in the pastse love much more coming 7800 patients as the hospital at the end they don't have to pay a dime.a parents are asked to pay anything unbelievable how much it costs for just one day. the big day here at fox 8 update on your weather and traffic every eight minutes just ahead. will visit today school school it's charles dickens elementary
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good at it is st. jude's stay here at fox 8. artificial updated numbers as we close inw at 7:00 a.m. bit is 14,000 very close to the numbers we set for ourselves and we are going to reach that momentarily.
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of the screen.atar the weather is certainly chilly. thenl temperatures have beenb dropping we don't have anything on radaree our fox 8 our forecast still highlights the temperatures ranging anywhere from barely above zero out in central geauga county with the clear sky and heavy snow cover but then again temperatures will climb partly to mostly cloudy lower and middle 30s. coffee quiz coming0 up weree talking books from our childhood and looking at the eight-dayig forecast with a few students. it is traffic time with patty harkin. we are in sky fox headed to i 90 i spoke with avon police we do have an accident 90 eastbound past route 83 blocking the left lane's are carle and into your involved there's some are headed there to give you the detailstoto ass you had passed route 83 the
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granger and canal. two vehicles were involved in the other one is in need of it took as well but traffic was maintained in getting through use cautionon between granger and canal. wayne and kristi we will toss itos back to you. >> it's an inner-city cleveland school working towards continued improvementle it has incorporating technology into the weekend with a focus on we take a tour of charles dickens school for being named this fox 8 cool school. the number one goal at this inner-city cleveland metropolitan school t t is to a close the achievement gap and see students improve sometimes
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or after school.eses we offer wednesday morning intervention. rather it be for someone that's behind or someone someone that's on tests we also offer encouragement time. technology has been incorporated for all students kindergarten through eighth grade study finally is just one computer program hr students years to improve this path and reading skills. >> we about days in the week and abc and the computer thath teachers also use of problem -based curriculum giving students the hands on approach to learning.l he's first-graders integrate math and art to make marshmallow hexagons.t while these seventh graders who use a balloon in a bottle toto learn the science lesson about air pressure.l we do chapters and the lessons
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we learned about to see if wee understand by doing more hands-on they have been classes in the lower grades and it's much more than aboutut t -- /one and learning about growing plants.s. among with eating healthy is a focuse manyer students are active in and in murals. reply all type of sports. we enjoyed being active.ll all right. they are a great group. we've got some students that are going to play the coffee he gets paid for tots.t we want to congratulate the next". and it is lawrenceville heights middle school.
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celebrate their school.e for more information on these and just click the jobs tab at
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welcome back.a todd meany. his the number to call for thehe saint jude dream home ticket seller from which is going on right now. the sketches this updated number. we were at 10,008 cc that's an update in for 14,800 tickets have been sold so far is goodod amount of thousands left about 2,000 left herea not only here in cleveland with our national calls sooner that's handling tickets as well o iev welcome bitco things for having no space think you forin breakfast by the way. users are doing a lighter how that the volunteers are giving away the priceer there is very committede fit we really are pic
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team is here because they find so much doing this. we thank you.t my marketing team is here as well. and one woman who called in your very excited o charade might issue is 92 she found out she wanted to get right backsh to st. jude's. it makes it worthwhile and not only in things and half for all your help you can win a prizea from there as part of this user when the car from nick abrahamrt automall and ipod touch.uc i'm trendy get out of the with the doing businesst with the saint jude dream home ticket giveaway. we've got about 4,000 tickets that is left a lot of thousand on the web in the little over 2,000 that you can call it will be sign out quick.u let's send it over to patty with a look at traffic.
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unfortunately we do have an accident in avon this is 90 eastbound9 past route 83 entrance rampnt right in front of this police vehicle is a deer. it involves a car in the deer posted not fare well. you can see that carst pretty much messed up in the deer, what you know. that's the accident at them leftt from traffic is back to before route 83 and if you are on route 83 coming up onto i 90 that ramp is falling you are seeing delays along 83 as well and now we have an accident on and on e shore way before martin luther king we will head out that way and check that out in sky foxti w as wells let's send it inside to scottt with a look at that eight-day and the coffee quiz. cold start becoming mostly sunny with highs in the low 30s0s outside chance of a shower early it will be windy and warm wewa
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snow slight chance of a shower late saturday into early on monday 30s next weekend maybe am chance of wet snow wednesday night into next thursday. maybe a snow day at some point in the nearest future. maybe. how does that sound.ea you don't close often. we do close their test. acres happy to be here is been trained route their basketball players charles dickens. good students. you can't be a slacker in the on the sheriff we don't have any slackers on the show' for the
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good, how are you. for going with the book of charlie and the chocolate factory. there's a movies back in the 70s the movie recently and all never touch not the book been some changes from the book to the movies. here's the coffee quiz book what does he slide in at the end of the movie as he's flying over his time were disease to fly over his time airplane an elevator are blind or helicopter.rp i was thinking the limit nobody
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we cover them all. so we got everything. there were a bit elevator for while. sorry we didn't listen to you. two tickets to see in the never nine which is a really good production at the great lakes theater herel at the downtown cleveland and mcdonald's gift certificates. good job think you use as a great morning show.te we been here nearby. for plane and getting the honor of being this week's fox 8 cool school we had something for you.
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things are coming in. your time not is 655. keep it right here on fox 8 news the library for our top story volunteers turning up in the middle night to help finding this girl in this morning she'ssh been found. that's good news. let's check in with kenny crumpton at theewew st. jude's -- good morning. an exciting morning for allrn of us here at fox 8 news in the cleveland communityn when we come back here willom talk to you about that space. it's going s to be a beautiful home. kicking it with kenny, stay with
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to bring you wendy' s north pacific cod sandwich we send guys like this.. on boats like these... in weather like this... all the way up here... for wild caught fish like this... that we panko bread like this... for a sandwich that' s light, crispy and crunchy. which should make you... and guys like this...
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we are at 16,000 dentists just over 2,000 to go. the number on the bottom of your screen we have the call center here we also have the national call center taking calls in addition to an unlimitedwe 000000t amount we are only down to about six or 700 is available on the web if you want to call that numbers are on the phoneca you could win the dream t home kenny was talking about also a car from nick abraham martin automall. all mark automall. all kinds of other prizes to gift cards for pineiro and many of our sponsors the phones are really off the hook we are one hour in, and they
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minutes off the record of last year it is an exciting day it is all about the kids. you are helping children who have cancer and diseases who need the help the st. jude's research center that hospital, is an amazing amazing place we have seen to be b seem to be on the persone in a couple of our locals who have had the help and treatment your help today will be able to st. jude's research hospital for at least a dayay it takes a billion dollars a day or $2 billion a day we think you'd northeast ohio for doing this we have raised millions of dollars to help children's research. and we will keep it going. we send it back to you we have a couple thousand tickets to go. >> once again in northeast ohio doing what we do. good causes.
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are almost there. >> they are always impressed with our viewers they deal with homes all over the country they are always talking about cleveland. >> 7:02 a.m. is your time. thank you for joining us here and we need to find out what is going on weather wise. >> a clear skyi look what was happening here. the clouds of cleared out. the bad thing iss allowed temperatures to drop below zero and some spots of geauga county. we have also had reports of single reading space bar southwest akronin, down into cuyahoga falls. that means we will see plenty of sunshine later today informing us backupl medina down to eight medina was down to 53 hours ago 15 in brunswick cuyahoga new brunswick cuyahoga falls and ravennau at
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three sauna 14v bedford at 12 we have a range in temperature we could range that from zero to 20. but you get the idea that will range from .2. and once the sun comes out it should be close to 30 at noon 25 at noon a nice day tomorrow we will check it out in a few minutes w we are in sky fox we showed you the accident earlier at 90 eastbound in the avonnt traffic before route 83 still trying to get on i 90 what we are showing you right now is 90 westbound before martin luther kingis we have an accident here. you see that right lane for mlk as a pan out.
7:05 am
they are numerousy you will be delayed. eastbound and westbound side 90 eastbound before route 83 now we have this accident on 90 westbound between before martin luther king traffic is very debate on the inbound east sure. cap for the smoke after two -year-old witnessing what founde safe andfe sound. >> the search when on for hours in the cold blast f that we are live at the hospital in the rain t or she was taken. >> good morning. political stanley really she was family really she was missing before 9:00 o'clockck r last night that -year-old wandering around out hereig from the house and the rain from just around 1:00 o'clock
7:06 am
away from the >> a huge relief not only for the family but all the people who came out to look for the little girl that was terribly colder cold a little degrees at know she was right now she was only wearing for the pajamas w her father is working for you was uttered herrk sister's house and decided to take a different route home t and found her. >> she was crying when i got out of the car but she put her hands up ca was really happy to see me she gave me a big hug i put her in the car and it was just i was just sitting in the car w waiting for police and she was relaxed and calm in the car because she knew she was save. >> you hope for the best, but you never know to find her after this much time with a little girl she doest in my opinion it
7:07 am
watching over her. >> chilly somebody was watching over her police are investigating how the little broker out of the house, and how she got a mile away from the home we got a facebook message from her mom a short time ago this isfa h she was here at mercy medical center she was transferred downtown to rainbown babies children's hospital t she is there being treated for being exposed to the cold for so many hours, but thankfully found by people who were paying attention and out looking for her. meanwhile, ohio attorney general is planning for a special prosecutor of the cleveland woman who tried died in police custody in 2014 while struggling with officers and they14 tried to take her for a mental evaluation her family claim she died after an officer slammed her to the
7:08 am
contest, site but also heart issues of mental illness were factors. >> the ohio supreme court will hearar cell walls conviction defense attorneys argued he did not get a fair trial because the summit county man facing charges for kicking injecting a puppy the victim's nameor is a six-year-old labrador mix the city minute action the poppy in in the parking lot this morning, he is recovering under the animal rescue shelter he is too back in court later this month. >> kia is backing out of plans
7:09 am
site in brooklyng just off of i for any but the army corps of engineers says itt is sos protected wetland, and construction cannot be done there. i can't is now focusing on columbus in the summer of next year. >> still ahead - - it is not have donald trump on top of the presidential nominees. >> plus - - what many say has cost him endorsement deals scott, good morning. end >> good morning, everybody the temperatures are going up. the foxx eight hour forecast we should be well up into the 30s later today keeping temperatures across northern ohio and the eight-day andnd just a moment. >> it morning to everybody. earlier in the rush-hour we had a couple of problems. we will
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stick around i and find your way to the best carea at cleveland
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if you just like did not give an e-mail he will go something get something in the mail om in the next ten days thank you very much. another great
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international news making headlines turkey is making headlines turkey has launched an airstrikeg against kurdish military the strike was carried out in northern iraq thiso morning when day after aay bomb went off here in the group of military vehicles in turkey's capital 28 were killed 61 others hurt. thepi prime minister is saying the suspect was a native of syria with ties to a kurdish separatist group. >> trump has a supported 26 percent the poll marks thel first time thisl year he was not the favorite for the republican nomination the margin of error is 2 percent so it is not clear if it captures the whole thing. >> googles is siding with apple
7:15 am
walkin of phone belonging to one of the san bernardino shooters, the but apple the apples is a cannot currently to a, and that they should not be able to build a up after into systems it is compromising using privacy with ther government says it is critical tos national >> mac nike is cutting ties over, he made about case. she is also congressman in the philippines seven and television interview that gay people in his words are worse thanpi animals. thank you says in a statement that will no longer do business bu with him. the boxer has apologized for straight support. >> fifteen minutes afterft 7:00 o'clock on a thursday morning. we began that rush-hour traffic care here in the city of cleveland.r good morning. if you are expecting somebody coming in on the sure way, they willg be late we have
7:16 am
first oneee 90 westbound the right lane is blocked with this accidentt if you continue along we have the third accident more opacity monstrosity on the right lane and then maybe for mlk they are all three accidents on the east sure what it way it is backed up aea to four other slightly
7:17 am we are below zero on a creek streetsboro with for a few stops f in the middle teens down into canton with the heaviest
7:18 am
will slowly close the gap mosto of the activities this is up against michigan and the knot winds then that winds pick up tomorrow we havean tomorrow afternoon with apache shower most of the day tomorrow will be dry we will see breaks in the sunshine once the cold front moves through saturday night, we wille the cold front is early monday it will start to drop the temps again back to the 30she the eight day forecast would be
7:19 am
northeastern from the middle to the end of next week whether that weather that off access is stillt way too early to know that we will keep snow in the forecast for wednesday night into thursday with all the details as we get closer. speaking of cold weather we send it out to kenny is live. i feel like you are out in the element i am standing at the saint jude dream home space right there a 500 a $500,000 ridge resort as calmge when we come back i will
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we are all about making a difference in the world and this
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would assume for you too. >> the viewers of fox eight news in the jurors generous people of northeast ohio first of all, this is an amazing new concept we have here it has a wide open for planit with our customers walk out of the spacious master bedroom cannotpa master bath and they walk wanted to this living room and kitchen that goes out to a our retreat style pation. >> you are tantalizing the resort concept what is that that
7:25 am
>> it is out comfort style with a wide open floor plan we cater towards all types. >> hello how are you. thank you for c pudding is users are going to muzzle than when we are done. appreciate that. >> it just offers a very diverse group of people first-time homebuyers to retired people whether they had kids or grandkids it is nice pay actually also have a family where my bedroom. >> we will talk a little bit more about that when we come back. we are at the saint jude dream homere where they are
7:26 am
exciting out here. >> we are so excited out here as well with our phone bank and all of our people here. we've got michelle and chris from nick abraham auto milehe it is an exciting morning we are about 75 tickets away from closing in still about 75 tickets to go. to it is an exciting time oncenc again, cleveland is coming through, in a mighty big way. >> what do you think about this? i can't believe it northeast ohio as some of the amazing people we are proud to live here and live it and be a part off this community and chris from
7:27 am
spas.. it is amazing they are guys love cleveland.d. >> we do we look forward to this the sawyer all year.> we are almost on we have about 75 tickets we will come back with an update they are going fast and furioushe if you have not had a chance to call we sold out in
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sun is outve it will warm well. look at these temperatures if you go from east to west they are almost normal below zero. and then we have the twitter page i posted the link for some of the local temperatures i will show you right here asi we get those numbers while we are not on the air aurora at nine mentor you go further south cuyahoga falls streetsboro out into solomon and then some local temperatures here being bridge chagrin falls feet below zero right now so we do have a range in temperature the sun comes up we will work things where what were things up a little bit todayllt and .-dot high the high
7:32 am
stream in later tonight fox eight news is your official school closing station traffic time with pattysc good morning. if you are going to be traveling inbound we have three separate accidents. this is the first onepa on it 90 westbound they still have the right lane blockedti past eddie the left lane is blocked 90 westbound you just before eddieestb and that does
7:33 am
separate accidents all on 80 and it's all focused around merchant road back up on the east sure way u it is back to before east to 60 taking all the way down to 80 road. >> patty, thank you. 7:32 a.m. a family is counting ourt blessings after they will reunited with a toddler who wandered out of the house last l night. we check in with stacy light in the rain with the rest of our lead story. >> she was only an pajamas when she wanted out of the house last night around 9:00 o'clock. she was not found until a little after and connie the 20th of those hours, dozens of people were out looking for her family and friends and neighbors a helicopter was using thermal
7:34 am
corneras of cleveland avenue isve about a mile and a half where she was last seen. the rain police say she was in good condition, but brought here to mercy medical center to check in with up-to-the-minute founder. >> she seemed a a little bit out o of it. like she was able to say sit s like she wanted to sit in the car. and i could tell she was really cold, so she had two of been out there for a long time because she was shivering when a picture a. the second they put her in the vehicle, she was just relax and started to close her eyes and sit down. >> a 30-pound girl to live out in the school for this length of time and the hundreds of people that were - - and she's lane) the snow. i mean, hundreds of people looking for her for hours. she was right there in plain sight basically. >> they got they found her. she was brought here to mercy tumors in medical center then babies overnight we are told she
7:35 am
her mom which saysbi she is happy her daughter is safe and very thankfull the manager and another of us was demoted for not reporting the problems. the epa says mostpo of the recent water samples are in this different you for lead levels a. >> it is 745 excuse me 7:35 a.m. we have an update on the saint jude genome straightahead stay
7:36 am
7:37 am
i slept until about one and then i effectively command fiction picture with about one a minute minute to freaking out she's freezing mid and she was
7:38 am
(what she can not very much will come back to the exciting
7:39 am
love to go the weather is been sold out has been sold out since about 715at with another 4,000 i am trying am trying to get through. we have about two or three tickets left to go and that is going to be at. l this is a tough one with the vendors. and we are sold out. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank
7:40 am
about right here. you want to say anything? >> thank youou. >> because it is all about helping you and the kids right? >> yes. happy birthday, buddy. i'm just shocked every year because they've got these dream homes all over the country and every year they talk about everybody at homee and what a a special blessing you guys are. >> all the other cities just want to be likely one. >> our viewers are one of a kind. there is no doubt we love you guys for being so generous. >> a great group of volunteers also
7:41 am
generic phone bank. t stand up. we want to see you guys. stand up. look at that. here is the bonus once it is built-in to the tour and when $10,000 and furniture caps on/temperature that0 will be happening as well that is so cool and you can so when and that is the cool thing you could still win the when the car and the white househe and we also want
7:42 am
we have the panera phone bank thank you, northeast ohio, you have done it once again.rt >> chairs. >> applause. >> we are sold out. much more fox eight news in the morning
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will come back. we are proud to say we have sold out of all the tickets for this year's saint jude dream on but don't worry used on a chance to one $10,000 of fish furniture just by trying the home in may and june drink open houses.e >> 2,888 tickets and 90 minutes and that you are you there you are you are incredible thank you very muchh supporting st. jude's from the hospital as well. let's check in with scott to t see how the weather is shaping up.
7:46 am
>> absolutely. single readings currently a passing shower of our warm front p of a significant
7:47 am
happens when we get a little bit l closer. foxing is is your official school closing stationon traffic time with patty. >> a crazy rush-hourt three accidents 90 westbound to before anyone in the right lane one in the left lane and then another in the right lane past eddie. all of these have traffic backed up forever. try someplace else of that is the way you're going to travel. westbound i 71 also i 90 eastbound near western boulevard of the sure away way is our main problem to before anyone past eddie and it is just a mess. we go back to you guys in the studio. >> and the headlines toyota is recallingdlin nearly 2 million suvs worldwide m because of possible problems with the seatbelts. in a new releaseth news release issued early this month, the
7:48 am
the rear seatbelts to fail. the affected vehicles are the toyota rav4, toyota wrap for ee - - b and toyota vanguard. most were builtbot between 2005 and 2014. 0 total it dealers say they will fix the problem at no cost to the consumer. >> a new survey found millennial's are not too excited about tax season according to nerd wallet, 80 percent of tax pages payers ages 18 - - 24 say they are fearful about some aspects of preparing a texas. that is the highest of any age group. eight out of ten millennial's are concerned they will makemill a mistake, miss out on a refund, or pay the tax man too much money. >> been delayed at the airport is about to get a whole lot sweeter for american airline passengers. the airline just announced they will start giving up cookies to dou that customers at airports in new york and los angelese depending on how it works in those cities, it may be
7:49 am
airports later this year.. >> the time is 7:48 a.m. so to come - - jackpot secret. >> find out who this for a couple minutes to keep and not talk about the restaurant parable one until until now and plan on doing with their cash. and a spoonful of sugar? i 25. coming up at a, the second mother sugar in your go to
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will come back. the florida couple who won last month's record powerball jackpot a finally come forward. david and marine opted for the lump sum, and the tacoma nearly $328 million. the couple said they did not know they had won until the following morning, and they kept it secret even from their tickets until yesterday. david has worked for the same company for nearly 35 years and he plans to retire. meanwhile, marine admits she's a bit nervous for the future. >> you worry. you worry with the happened because you're you no longer a quiet place which i'm got a mess. >> the couple split the one pointnt $5 billion jackpot with two other winners one in tennessee the other in they make millions of dollars a year, and all they
7:53 am
tonight on fox eight news at 10:00 p.m., that you tubers and the fortune they make. with a local man who at one time pad the most what do you ever on youtube. when the secrets of internet fame and fortune in the fox eight news exclusive. youtube millions tonight on their fox eight news at 10:00 p.m. >> the hall of fame inductees will feature a number of items including this f a guns and roses pinball machine they showed it on to shut it off showed it on to something just raining i a chance to play the guns and roses pinball machine t. >> part of the arrangement was/donated it and he loved the idea and said why notand so that is
7:54 am
>> it looks cool doesn't it? the exhibit by the way is open to the public beginning on friday, february 26. >> that is sites. good morning congratulations it is so exciting i that always come through that is incredible absolutely incredible because of shared of a lot morere but i like the eights. and wonderful volunteers we have here e and thanks again to our wonderful, wonderful viewers you guys are wonderful. don't go anywhere we
7:55 am
we miss you good morning. >> a two -year-old out wandering in the middle of the night iight will tell you where she was found on how long she was out in the cold. lon >> our forecast now still shows a lot of cold we have temperatures running in the single digits c c out east we won't have a look at that in just a few moments. you did it once again the saint jude dream home giveaway coming up we will let you know how everything went down how quickly it happened still ahead - - a local family husband helped a. >> and we are also giving away a
7:56 am
matthews at the bar some o that is the sold out big dream home
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it is a great day on this thursday morning the 18th day of february, 2016 i want to thanknt you for joining us on the 8:00 o'clock hour my name is wayne dawson. >> we are so excited.d. that is awesome right? we sold out on the web is been less than an hour or so and 25 people were saying we could not get throughhohr because we have the phone think people h it is just amazing thank you northeast ohio you did at once again four years in a row. and how payers st. jude's research hospital. all of those kids are being
8:00 am
it each and every day h and the families with a provide for the families what they are able to give them the families of brothers and sisters it is truly


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